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Sabbath School


Sabbath school classes are the heartbeat of our church community. Each week we spend time learning from Scripture and each other.  So, come and choose a class that you can contribute to and receive a blessing.

Current Classes:

Adult English: Follow the Adult Sabbath School Bible study guide published quaterly.  Available in printed form at church or as a free download here:  http://www.absg.adventist.org/standard.htm.  Choose from Standard Edition, Teacher's Edition and Easy Reading edition for those whose first language is not English (such as the Deaf). An app is available for both Apple and android.

To listen in an audio, please visit http://www.sabbathschoolu.org/podcast.php?channel=4>>

Adult Romanian: Same as above in the Romanian language

Young Disciple: Bible study lessons that teach how to study the Bible for yourself and develop a relationship with Christ.  A printed study guide is available at church.  More resources to help you are available here on the website: www.youngdisciple.org

My Bible First: Geared to children.  These Bible study lessons start in Genesis and go through all the major stories of the Bible in a 3 year cycle, then repeat. Printed worksheets are handed out weekly.  More resources to help you are available here on the website:   www.mybiblefirst.org

Links to online Sabbath School and Bible study classes:  
Amazing Facts 
www.aftv.org broadcasts Bible-based programming 24/7 on the Amazing Facts TV (AFTV) satellite channel, including: Amazing Facts Presents, Sabbath School Study Hour, and more featuring Pastor Doug Batchelor and other Spirit-led speakers

Hope Channel www.hopetv.org